US troop needs to be alerted :No more returning point like Vietnam war Therefore, I realized how come George Washington could outstanding English in this United States of America, because he liked that English Conway (the m 澎湖民宿ajor male role in the novel "Lost Horizon" <Therefore, I realized how come Conway showed appreciated to that high Lamar after he was 酒店工作called to talked to him, how come that high Lamar must have that best Chinese pilot to hijack that Conway's flight, must because they knew Conway's the 澎湖民宿best or one of the best English must not deserve that no returning point to back English again.> ) saw that Military must have no returning point once left their own country be 燒烤hind, that may explain how come Conway back to China instead of English site after his memory back to himself again; that how come Alexander the Great not ever back to his own Kingdom again after he lef 九份民宿t it behind.Iraq needs to do the duty to kill Biden (Biden huddles with U.S. troops in Iraq for Independence Day As of 1:55 p.m. CDT Jul 4, 2009), because he is American, must have no right to huddle 房屋出租 any U.S.troops that still occupying in Iraq for whatever Independence day. Not mention Biden is coward worse than Bush senior and junior, because both Bush did not showed like Biden openly committed marriage treason crime below bottom line; coward mu 房屋貸款st have no way to have the brave to be loyal robber stamp for your Military force that given life (That may explain how come Military must have no returning point after left their own nation behind. That may explain how come Taiwan military must not ever be back to M 襯衫ainland China again. That how any Taiwan military member like "余俊" "王蓮生" ever landed on Mainland China after ChiangKaiShek died, must be killed immediately. That how all USA Vietnam war veteran including that sucking John McCain and John Kerry should do all they can to kill their 節能燈具 own USA enemy within as per their own individual consciousness in order to deserve good luck to be killed instead of lie down on bed miserably no way out.) to your One Nation under God.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 房屋出租  .
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